We had a design meeting this AM with a new client. Half way thru the meeting we got into color choices for a print piece and out she came…

She was new in 1987, but after 27 years the old girl was still kicking ass. God bless Pantone!

For most artists and designers, the word Pantone conjurers happy memories of the dusty days and one’s transition from beginner to self-realized professional.


If you are unfamiliar, the Pantone Matching System (or PMS for short) is a rainbow of colors who’s purpose is to dispel any ambiguity in a conversation on color.  A finger on a chip represents confirmation of color and removes any uncertainty on how something will look when printed.  In short, (and as long as the printer has his shit together) the use of the PMS chart moves the responsibility from the hands of the designer into those of the clients, and protects all on the design/print journey.


There are newer versions kicking around the studio of course, but nothing beats the memory of our vintage 87′. Think she’ll stay in the Elephas conference room for while longer…


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