Although we have been in business now for almost 11 months, we finally got a free second to design and have our Elephas Creative  cards printed. (Cobblers kids and all…)

A common way to treat a black (or any solid color) is to saturate paper with ink. This method of printing, called off-set printing is a very common practice and is widely used due to its simplicity and cost (less inexpensive.) The problem with off-set in a light on dark situation (white letters on black paper) is  two fold. First, it leaves a white edge on the paper, and second, it requires twice as much ink (called a double hit) which doesn’t always guarantee a crisp, un-faded print.

To avoid this and to create a much richer look/feel, we went the foil stamp route. First, rather than dumping the color onto a white card, the printer starts with the exact color paper needed (in our case a super thick matte black.) Next, rather than “print” the detail onto the card, the printer uses an old school technique to press a pigment or “foil” onto the surface with a heated die. This foil stamp (or hot stamp)  creates a very nice, crisp, shine to the cards.

Although more expensive in the short run, a thick foil-stamped card is a really nice way to go.

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